MagicalDraw | お絵かきチャットレンタルサービス

Features of MagicalDraw
Create a free drawing chat in a second!
There is no need to register. Anonymously.
Works only with a browser. No need Flash and JavaVM.
The vast canvas size of up to 16 million pixels can be changed at will.
Layer, Stabilization, and Pen Pressure are also supported.
There are no limits on the number of people and time.
The room you create will be available forever.
Support for Saving and Restoring, Replaying, and Undoing.
Support for mixed use of smartphones and PCs.
Full support for iPad & ApplePencil.
Can be linked with Twitter.
Canvas timeshifts and rollbacks have made vandalism extinct.
You can pet the cute illustrations!
Games are also included.

91 rooms are active. (131 participants)
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